Data to Management Information


We work with a large brand owner that sells their products across the world through a mixture of 3rd party distributors – each region set up differently. These distribution partners send them high level reports on how they are performing as well as the raw data extracted from their tracking systems.

The Problem:

Our client (the brand owner) wants to be able to input ideas and direction to the 3rd parties as well as understand where certain products are doing well and where they are not. The high level reports they receive do not provide the level of detail needed and the raw data is just that – raw data points often in text files or large spreadsheets which multiply month after month. They needed the data to be ingested and turned into dashboards and graphics that made trends, successes and issues easy to identify and analyse.

The Solution:

Using the Microsoft product PowerBI we ingested data from multiple sources (text files, spreadsheets and directly from rep reporting systems) and worked with the local teams in each region to establish dashboards that gave them the insight they needed. We continue to be involved on a retainer basis as we update monthly data received from distributors and make changes and additions to dashboards as required.

The Benefits:

Our solution provides access to the information at any time to any authorized person and is available on laptop, tablet or phone. As soon as information is updated everyone has the latest version. We were able to use information that was already being provided by distributors in the format they were providing it so no delays and waiting for changes to be made. With a small retainer the client does not have to worry about making updates and additions and does not rely on any person in the organization leaving or moving to a new role.


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