Early Prospect Targeting


While talking to a financial services prospect we discussed the tools and processes that software companies use to identify prospects that are in the market for their products. It is the “Holy Grail” of marketing to prospect to people or companies who you know are in a buying cycle – rather than cold calling on prospects with the right profile and hope you can convince them to buy. In this digital age it is a given that by the time a prospect reaches out to you they have already spent time researching online. The earlier you can get to them the earlier you can make sure they include you in their research.

The Problem:

Every company has the same desire as a software company (i.e. to identify prospects who could use their services) and financial services is no exception. They wanted to know how they could use the same tools that software companies use to identify new prospects and customers who are in a buying cycle.

The Solution:

This is an ongoing project which we will develop and refine over the course of a year. We are starting simple with a small implementation of a product called Bombora to make sure we can identify key words that give relevant results. i.e. do the companies identified actually turn into leads and how do we optimize the searches we do. Once we have proven the technology we will integrate the results into their existing CRM system to drive a very focused set of prospecting activities.

The Benefits:

We are bringing the client along the journey so they see everything we see and feel like they are part of the solution. As we make changes together they are understanding what is possible in the tool and getting faith in the output. This puts them in a great position to give us the information we need to integrate results into CRM. As so often happens, as we look into changes to the CRM we are uncovering many opportunities for getting a lot more benefit from the systems they already have and have not had the time to fully explore. The team has appreciated that we did not suggest they start with a new CRM and believed we could work with what was already in place


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