Good business data requires a holistic approach

At Navigate we are on a mission to provide leaders with data that is relevant, accurate and up-to-date so they can make better decisions. When we hear the word “data” our mind jumps to technology and business applications We tend to forget that much of the data we consume at some point may well have originated from a human interacting with a system.

Think of a salesperson entering information about their sales pipeline, a support team member reporting on the root cause of a customer issue or marketing entering the source of a batch of uploaded leads. It’s the old adage of “what you get out depends on what you put in”

On the data output side, it is often humans interacting with information and deciding what it means and how to act on it. Too much data, inaccurate data, unreadable data and we lose any benefit there may be.

When we want to improve the quality of business data we need to work across the business including business culture, purpose, values, people selection and development, processes, systems, control and anything else that goes into a successful business. We want people to value the information they are entering and believe in the value it will bring the business as a whole. We need people to value output information and use it as part of their decision making processes. We need people who spot issues, care that it is correct and are willing to spend time looking for the root causes of data issues.

We should also take into account the fact that technology is getting better and better at integrating with humans to help the effectiveness of data collection and improve the quality of data. With tools available we should be able to collect information about meetings and calls without sales teams taking any additional steps from what they would do anyway, we can proactively look for errors and taking actions to rectify and we can identify issues at source before they become an issue. With the speed of technology development there must be a continuous review of process and human interactions looking for opportunities to free up people time to focus on where they really add value.

Data is the responsibility of everyone in a business.

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