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We utilise our experience-tested methodology to identify the data that is relevant to your unique business strategy and leverage an intimate knowledge of the landscape of business applications, survey design and administration as well as process design, change management, business coaching and plenty of common sense to provide accurate data in an easy to access format.



We bring extensive experience in strategy consulting and running businesses. Experience that allows us to ask the right questions and quickly get an understanding of what makes your business run.

These are some of the areas where we help clients:

  • Stress test strategic plans and help with any gaps
  • Advise on change management and how to align a business with its strategy – from planning to execution
  • Develop the data points that give true insight into progress and will uncover what is working or not working
  • In areas where businesses are underperforming we provide practical solutions for improvement – leveraging technology, process improvement and people motivation and culture
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Specific Skills & Tools
  • Content-Context framework for Purpose
  • Vision Creation (Purpose/Values/Mission)
  • The Business Lifecycle framework
  • DiSC assessments
  • Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI)
  • Change by inclusion
  • Strategic planning facilitation
  • Go-To-Market strategy including prospect/customer segmentation and identification, pricing and route-to-market

Data Collection

After establishing what data points are truly important we work out how to get the data – initially and on an ongoing basis so we can track progress.

We collect data from multiple sources in some of the following categories (Wherever possible we work with tools you already own to get the most return on those investments):

  • Internal System Data: If the data is not available we implement the systems and processes needed. Even if it is available we look at the whole lifecycle of data to ensure it is valid and reliable. This could include reviewing how business applications are set up, setting up validation processes and working on the culture of team members who interact with or influence the quality of the data. We will also look at setting up different data points measuring the same variables to provide additional confidence.
  • External Data: For purposes of benchmarking or tracking general markets our preference is to source raw data ourselves from web based sources of data feeds, reports and articles. In certain cases we will make use of 3rd party generated analysis.
  • Primary Data: This is often expensive and time consuming and it is critical that the results are accurate and unbiased. We work with professional survey designers to ensure that data collected is valid. Respondents can be integral to a company such as employees and customers and we have access to various platforms for general market primary research.
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Specific Skills & Tools

Business Application Set up and Configuration:

  • Website and Communication Design, Implementation and Maintenance – WordPress | Logos | Graphics | Communications
  • Salesforce Clouds – Sales | Service | Marketing | Financial
  • Microsoft Dynamics – CRM | NAVISION | 365 | Business Central | AX | Azure
  • Zoho – CRM | Marketing | Books
  • Marketing Engines – Pardot | Hubspot
  • Account Based Marketing Platforms – DemandBase | 6Sense
  • Intent Based Data – Bombora | DemandBase | 6Sense
  • Internal app design
  • Customized process flow automation

External Data Collection

  • Python programming for data extraction

Primary Research

    • Survey design and execution

Dashboard Creation & Maintenance

We use PowerBI, Tableau, Excel or other dashboard creation tools that you already own to bring together the pieces of information into easily accessible dashboards providing the basis of critical decisions when you need it.

We understand that needs change on a regular basis and we are available as needed to make changes to how data is displayed, what data is displayed and navigation through filters and views.

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Specific Skills & Tools
  • PowerBI

  • Tableau

  • Salesforce Einstein Analytics


Outsourced Support

Getting access to the right data often requires configuration of software that you already own or implementing new pieces of software to fill gaps that exist. As we work with your team we will discover more of the benefits of new tools and continue to configure your applications to provide improved solutions.

Managing business applications takes time (especially if you are not configuring them on a regular basis) and a complete understanding of the impact of changes. We provide outsourced support of your business applications with specific individuals who become part of your team and are available as and when you need them.

In addition you may want to start using your making use of your new metrics as soon as possible and we know it is not easy to ramp up with new people. We can help you to set up flexible inward or outward focused teams to provide resourcing for anything from marketing operations to dealing with queries through messaging or voice

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Specific Skills & Tools
  • Design of communications campaigns, logos and other applications
  • Video editing for campaigns and other engagement activities
  • Sales/CRM, marketing and operations business application maintenance and enhancement: Salesforce | Microsoft | Zoho
  • Workflow automation
  • Dashboard maintenance and enhancement
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Chat and phone support for external sales and customer support as well as inward focused operational roles.

Control Risks

Tim helped us to align the SE Asia team with our strategy by working with individuals and teams and helping to plan our annual strategy offsite for 2 years. The approach enabled team members to identify their own strengths and weaknesses and come up with individual prioritized plans to leverage strengths and work on gaps. By providing collective insight into each team member’s way of working we improved team capabilities by allowing each person to play to their own strengths and harnessed the benefits of a diverse set of skills.

Tim was professional, organized, creative around adapting to our unique business and with a way of working that meant he became accepted as part of the team. This combination resulted in numerous successful outcomes, and we would highly recommend working with Tim.

Control Risks (Singapore)

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