Finance Industry Advisor

Azura Rubio

Azura has over 12 years experience in financial institutions in positions of increasing responsibility linked to investments, strategy and equities.

In addition she has a decade of experience in financial, research and communication departments in various non-financial industries and non-profit organisations.

Azura holds a PhD in Corporate Governance – International Business, an MSc in Finance and a degree in Economics from universities in the UK.

Having lived and worked in multiple European countries (Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland), Malaysia and Hong Kong, Azura currently lives with her family in Basel, Switzerland. She is a keen runner and spends as much time as she can outdoors.

Manufacturing Industry Advisor

Ricky Bennett

Ricky has over 30 years of experience in advanced engineering initially as a research and development scientist for British Aerospace specialising in the field of Under Water Weapons and Anti-Submarine Warfare before moving into electronics manufacturing. Ricky headed up the Advanced Product Development group at DEK (Now ASM Pacific technology) focusing on next generation product development for surface mount and semiconductor manufacturing processes and subsequently became a global consultant for advanced electronics assembly processes. He is currently on the leadership team of Magna Power responsible for assembly production.

Ricky has a Masters in Electronic and Mechanical design and a PhD in Engineering Management. He holds several patents and has authored papers for the IPC Apex convention and other publications and served as a task member of the IPC for development of electronics manufacturing guidelines.

His personal interests, are playing soccer, helicopter pilot, NASM certified fitness trainer, NASM certified nutrition specialist and acoustic guitar song writing.

Retail Industry Advisor

Qusai Sarraf

Qusai is an entrepreneur, innovator and the Founder/CEO of IVIS Group providing retail transformation for leading brands in Europe and Asia from offices in London and Kuala Lumpur. He has over 25 years of experience in retail including the launch of several start-ups in Europe and Asia with a portfolio of IP patents in retail business applications. As a member of the original team that launched, he played a key role in growing it from inception to one of the world’s largest online retailers.

He created the Customer-Centric Maturity Model (CM)² methodology that multiple brands used to define the strategy and lead transformation change from traditional retailing to multi-channel retailing across Europe and Asia.

Qusai is a visiting professor at the University of Peking and an invited speaker to a number of universities including University of Nottingham, University of Warrick, Tsinghua University and HEC Paris on the subject of Customer Centric Transformation in the retail industry. In addition, he is currently authoring a book examining the vision, strategy and execution required to deliver customer-centric transformation: Identity Retailing – A Business Transformation Guide – Shopping the Way Customers Want.

Control Risks

Tim helped us to align the SE Asia team with our strategy by working with individuals and teams and helping to plan our annual strategy offsite for 2 years. The approach enabled team members to identify their own strengths and weaknesses and come up with individual prioritized plans to leverage strengths and work on gaps. By providing collective insight into each team member’s way of working we improved team capabilities by allowing each person to play to their own strengths and harnessed the benefits of a diverse set of skills.

Tim was professional, organized, creative around adapting to our unique business and with a way of working that meant he became accepted as part of the team. This combination resulted in numerous successful outcomes, and we would highly recommend working with Tim.

Control Risks (Singapore)

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