Tim Wetmore

I am delighted to welcome you to Navigate – a company born out of a need for business clarity and a personal career history of developing the skills to help create this clarity. I started life as an engineer with a desire to fix problems and in a progression through strategy consulting, commercial management, project management, business coaching and CEO realized that technology is only part of the solution. For 4 years I dived into the world of sales and revenue operations in a software company to understand first-hand what technology (business applications) can do for a business and what is needed to make these applications as effective as possible.

My passion is building the foundations for business growth. I still love fixing problems and get great joy from making businesses as operationally effective as possible – that means delighting customers with impacting products and services that are delivered in the most efficient way possible through a combination of people, processes and available technology.

Let’s start by getting to the information that is important to the health of your business and when successful maybe we can grow the relationship and let Navigate manage the operations of your business while you focus on the strategy and growth.

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