Value from Values

At Navigate we talk a lot about the commercial value (revenue and profit) of what are often termed the soft components of business – culture, purpose, values, leadership skills etc. In addition we believe in a holistic approach to good business information that requires addressing business culture as much as systems and processes.

“Values” are one of 2 components that define the company culture we have – or want to have. The other part is the “purpose” of the organization. Values determine what we say and how we act when the manager is not in the room or the customer cannot hear us. If it’s hidden why does it matter? We may think others cannot see how we act behind closed doors but it comes through in subtle ways – people can “feel” the values of a company when dealing with any part of it. It is the difference between being genuine or not. We are hearing more and more in a crowded marketplace that customers want to have a genuine relationship with their business partners – a relationship built on trust. With digital media, spam and new Covid related practices the opportunities for creating trusted relationships are significantly reduced. When we do get an opportunity, prospects often have to rely on a “gut” reaction to who they trust – that in turn is triggered by a meeting of common values.

It’s not just prospects – it also applies to customers. So if we want to retain customers then every person they speak to needs to exhibit the same values – from the call center to the CEO. This is why it is so important to see the process of defining the values of the organisation as a tool to getting the whole team displaying the same cultural traits.

Defining values:

From the beginning Navigate has been based on 3 key values and we will continue to revisit these with the team as we grow:

Still wondering if values are important to spend time on:

A set of values makes decision making so much easier – if you are thinking about doing something and are not sure check in to see if it aligns with your values.

We are triggered to do things if we see a reason “why”. If you are confident in the values of your company try asking customers and employees what they think they are. If there is a large gap between what they think and you think or there is a wide range of answers then there may be value in defining your values.

If you are not sure how to go about defining a set of values and aligning your business behind them please do let us know as we would be happy to help


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