What is it that I do? Making it personal.

I thrive on assisting businesses to navigate the most efficient and elegant route between their strategic destinations and their current states.

I apply 30 years of multi-industry learning, strategic and systemic thinking capability, and a people-centric leadership style to empower teams and companies to succeed. I assist them in navigating their unique contexts. I do this by translating strategic objectives into manageable and tangible focus areas by applying my “Content – Context” systemic thinking process within teams to create focus, action, and results.

I contribute directly to significant business delivery by focusing the energy and ability of teams to achieve business objectives. I directly impact the revenue generation capability of businesses and ensure the alignment of internal processes, systems and people to deliver results.

I thrive when I work:

… and for those who like more detail on the personal history of getting to the above:

My work life started as an engineer in a stainless steel factory and for anyone who has not been inside a steel factory from iron ore and scrap to shiny rolls of steel, it is honestly one of the wonders of the world. Then onto strategy consulting as this seemed to be the fastest and best way to learn how a company (in fact many different companies in many different industries) operated. From there into the telecoms industry which was booming as the age of the internet exploded and everyone was trying to figure out how to adapt their business from charging a lot of money for voice calls and cable content to a world of high speed internet where you could get whatever you wanted for much lower prices. It turns out this involved a lot of project management and a change from consulting as we now had to deliver the change we wanted!

Up to this point it seemed to me that running a company depended on having the best spreadsheets and it was only because I took a leap into business coaching and those fluffy soft skills that I realized the error in my thinking. People are usually the largest cost to a business and the most important reason for success or failure. People are the reason other people stay at a business or leave, people are the reason customers buy from you either because you have created the greatest product or your interaction with a person has been amazing.

This experience gave me the confidence to take on a CEO role and while knowing how to work a spreadsheet was very useful it was not the primary skill needed. As a reminder CEO stands for Chief Energy Officer because it is all about the people and being able to energize them with a clear purpose. The latest stage on the journey has been Sales/Revenue Operations and learning how Saas applications have changed the way we do business if implemented and used to their full potential.

Over many years I have convinced myself this is a completely normal career path and then more than one headhunter has said it is an “interesting” career history. For my own use and to make it easy for anyone who wants to work with me I realized I better figure out what it is that I do.

Simple is usually best and I love the “Content – Context” framework. Have a brainstorm and write down all the things that you do – the content. Then put a line above that and distill all of the content into fewer groupings – then put a line above that and do the same thing. Keep going until you get to 2 words – the first word being “to ….”. You know when you are there because it hits you in the gut and it really feels right. My 2 words? “To Navigate”.

A business navigator understands business functions, trends, variables goals and strategies and also understands the tools you can use to get from point A to point B on a strategy road map – helping the business move and making sure it keeps on track. A navigator stands at the intersection of the business and technology – understanding what the business needs AND understanding how business applications can address those needs. While this is a broad area to cover what is really important is knowing what questions to ask and how to interpret the answers.

Within this scope, what really makes me tick:


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